About Us

Our commitment is to improve other people’s lives by balancing the way they nourish themselves every day.

On your way to success you’ll need to grow in different aspects, Nova Nuts are here for you to make this journey easier by helping you to feel healthier and more energized.

We see our mission in providing you with nutritional knowledge and 100% natural products that give you the tools to bring a positive change into your life.

Our promise is to supply you with the best 100% natural products, we won’t offer you anything that we wouldn’t pick ourselves. We believe in the products we offer, we choose the best to make them part of your daily nutrition.

Who’s behind Nova Nuts?

Nicolas Enriquez  – Founder & Manager.

I’m an entrepreneur specialized in Digital Marketing with a great passion about Self-Development.

Over the past few years I have been working and developing different online business models, these fail attempts showed me many lessons, I believe that failure is a necessary part for success, if you’re not failing you’re not growing.

In 2014 I moved from Spain to Malta and as I built there a new life I discover a new way of eating, I started to eat more Veggies, Nuts & Seeds as I wanted to improve my health.

I want to build a great community around Nova Nuts and be able to share our knowledge and experiences with others to help them to change for better, to teach other people what I would have liked to know 5 years ago.

Small lessons that by themselves they look insignificant but compounded over time they are powerful enough to change the course of your life to a better path.


David Huerga Co-founder & Investor.

I’m a professional poker player, coach and an entrepreneur.

In 2016 I started my own website to share personal development content and help other people to improve their daily lives.

I believe that nutrition is an essential part of living the life to the fullest. That’s one of my main reasons to take part in this great project.

At the age of 26, after a few years of traveling the world playing poker I become aware that what really matters isn’t what you achieve, but who you become.


Our question to you is simple: Do you want to be the best version of yourself?

We have been friends for over 12 years, We both were born in a small village in Spain. And we share a common vision and desire to impact thousands of lives while dedicating our time to the things that matter to us.

We truly believe in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which means ‘Continuous Improvement’ – Today better than Yesterday, Tomorrow better than Today.

We have been influenced by numerous successful entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, Stefan Pylarinos and Marc Fitt.

“We don’t settle for anything less than excellence”

-Steve Jobs

Thanks for the time you dedicated knowing a bit more about Nova Nuts.


Nicolas Enriquez          &          David Huerga

#We are the nuts!